Historical Highlights 082

Here are a few interesting historical highlights for your reading pleasure this fine spring weekend. (A friend in Alabama just told me she is going strawberry picking. Strawberry picking! My neighbours still have Christmas decorations up.)

“Want to Write for the AHA? Apply Today to Become a Summer Blogger!” – Calling history grad students.

“A Guide to Online Resources for Teaching and Learning Loyalist History” – This is an extensive list, plus a discussion of the term “Loyalist.”

“First-ever Rosie the Riveter Day honors women who broke WWII’s workplace gender barrier”

“How did Uranus get its name?”

“A photo of every protest: Stanford archivists memorialize activism as it unfolds” – I’m bookmarking this article because it deals with the nature of university archives, which figure prominently in the novel I’m currently revising (again).

“The Man Who Invented the Modern Bookstore”

“7 Reasons Libraries Are Essential, Now More Than Ever”

“Letters to Children from Cultural Icons on the Love of Libraries” – This article is six years old, but the messages are timeless.

I hope you’re enjoying lovely weather, whether it’s strawberry season or you still have snow on the ground. Happy reading.

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