Saskatoon Motor Products Teaches Canadian History

In my on-going campaign to declutter my house, I decided to sell/donate a vintage sewing machine. As I was sorting through the miscellany in the storage bench that came with it,
I discovered this gem. It’s a flyer from Saskatoon Motor Products Ltd., located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. According to their website, SMP was founded in 1954. ┬áThis flyer dates to the early 1960s, when John Diefenbaker was Prime Minister and Georges Vanier was Governor General.

The front and back of the leaflet urge you to bring your vehicle in for maintenance. The inside is packed with text, tables, and images that provide information about the Canadian political system. You can learn about the constitution, the electoral system, the crown, prime ministers, governors general, provinces and territories.

Take a look. (Click the images to enlarge.)

I find it interesting to see how the populations of each province and territory have changed in the intervening decades (of course, Nunavut was not created until 1999) . Unfortunately voter turnout has really decreased since the 79% mentioned here.

And of course I love that the pamphlet directs you to your public library for more information!

Have you ever found a historical document while cleaning your house? (If so, you might enjoy this post.)

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