Historical Highlights 086

Here are this week’s historical highlights — interesting museum, archives, and library links, including some great videos.

Last week I mentioned some new museums. Here’s another one (this time in Canada).

An architect has created 3-D images that show how Newcastle, Australia looked 200 years ago. “The renderings were based on authentic historical archival maps and survey records, with the details cross-referenced with other materials from around the time such as paintings.” Check out the video and photos.

Woohoo! Princeton has acquired a fragment of the Gutenberg Bible (preserved as a book cover).

This article/interview about how words are added to dictionaries makes me want to read this memoir.

Remember IBM’s Watson? Now he’s being used to help Brazilians interact with the art in museums! (The video is worth watching.)

Are robots going to take our jobs?

I always love photos of beautiful libraries. (The Varina Area Library is my favourite.)

What are you up to this weekend? I’m visiting family (and seeing my nephew for the first time!).

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