2017 Gift Guide: 20+ Gift Ideas for History Buffs

Last year I published my first list of gifts for history buffs. Here are 20 more gift ideas for you to consider as you do your holiday shopping. You’ll find toys, games, puzzles, clothing, and even some fun kitchen items.

Rosa Parks Magnet/Finger Puppet (and many others via The Unemployed Philosophers Guild)

Viking Soldiers Miniature Replicas

Plagues from History Plush Microbes

Leonardo Da Vinci Helicopter Kit

Revolutionary Playing Cards

The Viking Game: Hnefatafl

Professor Noggin’s History of the US Card Game

Axis and Allies 1942 2nd Edition

Aristotle’s Number Puzzle (see also Kepler’s Planetary Puzzle, Galileo’s Globe Puzzle, Halley’s Comet Puzzle, and Women’s Great Minds Puzzles)

History of Canadian Aviation 1000-piece Puzzle (see also The Romans, Elvis Nixon, and Rosetta Stone puzzles)

Industrial Revolution T-Shirt

Enigma Machine Pashmina

Ptolemaic Watch

Nikola Tesla Enamel Pin Set

Rosetta Stone USB (or stress toy)

The Twelve Caesars Coin Set

Runes Gemstones Giftset

Art History Mug (or pillowcase)

Florence Nightingale Tea Towel (and many others via Present Indicative)

William Morris Oven Gloves

Happy shopping!

5 thoughts on “2017 Gift Guide: 20+ Gift Ideas for History Buffs

  1. Nelleke Plouffe says:

    My 9-year-old just found a Leonardo da Vinci catapult kit at Value Village like the kit you included above. He was so excited because he “knew” Leonardo da Vinci. He bought it with his own money, even though it was $15. (I hate how Value Village prices things that look new…)

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