The Cause of These Disturbances (work-in-progress)

Ian Thomas is an introverted history major focusing all his attention on completing his degree, when he bumps into Allison, another student who’s convinced that strange things are happening on campus. She finally persuades Ian to help her decipher the graffiti messages on campus buildings and even to investigate the documents gone missing from the university archives. One night the two of them are chased by an attack dog in disguise, and gradually more and more signs that they are being stalked by a Neo-Luddite turn up, until Ian discovers irrefutable proof of a deadly plot. He’ll have to set aside his academic ambitions and work with Allison and the campus police officer she’s befriended to prevent a tragedy from occurring in the next twelve hours.

Temperance Hollow (2016 NaNoWriMo novel)

With money inherited from a great-aunt, Claudia Bishop flees a dissatisfying job in the city and buys a house in the tiny village of Temperance Hollow. What she doesn’t tell anyone is that she’s on a mission to track down her father’s sister who disappeared before she was born. She soon meets Muriel, a neighbour with a green thumb and an obsession with William Morris, and finds a rusty key and a box of old letters. Will any of this help her in her quest or will her impulsive nature sidetrack her from uncovering the truth? (You can take a look at my Pinterest inspiration board here.)