Historical Highlights 090

First up, I have a guest post published today on the Writability blog! It’s called “What Reading Picture Books Can Teach You About Writing Novels.” I’ll be responding to comments this weekend, so I hope you’ll pop over and join the conversation.

This is the nicest thing I read all week.

Here’s some (American) museum news. 

How cool is this? A blog post on Anglo-Saxon cryptography. 

“An invitation to view an archive changed the course of my life.” Read on!

I loved reading this book collector’s story of how a new library reinvigorated his love of collecting rare books about the American Revolution. Maybe I can aspire to something similar. 🙂

I also enjoyed this short article that explains how army rations changed food as we know it today.

The American Shakespeare Center is looking for new plays that spin off Shakespeare’s original 38. Interesting idea.

What did you read this week?

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