Historical Highlights 112

As I collected historical highlights to share with you I noticed that my list is particularly geographically diverse this weekend. Get ready to dive into articles that will take you to Nepal, Lithuania, Wales, Hungary, India, England, and the United States. Happy reading.

News from Nepal: moving the National Archives poses risks to valuable manuscripts

If you’re interested in the rescue of historical documents, you’ll also want to read about these Yiddish treasures saved from the Nazis.

How have I never heard of the Great Smog of 1952?

I’m not Welsh (or Hungarian) but I thought this was a cool story.

Why did a forgotten Shakespeare play resurface in India?

A new LEGO set honours four key women in NASA history.

Do you agree that Jane Austen’s Emma “changed the face of fiction”?

Intriguing — “Later this month, the National Archives is set to release thousands of documents about John F. Kennedy’s assassination. It’s likely to fuel conspiracy theorists for years.”

And one last article: “The history of AI is a neural network of the greatest thoughts and minds of humankind”

Have a wonderful weekend.

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